Work that matches your interests and abilities

Work that matches your interests and abilities

Rugtel is a photovoltaic inverter manufacturer. We are committed to providing efficient, economical and environmentally friendly energy solutions for apartment users. We are a young, open, individual and dynamic company. We are comprehensively advancing the blueprint for the development of new energy and opening up a sunny path full of dreams. We hope that everyone will join us with their dreams and start our lifelong career. You have the ability, We have the space.

Current Openings
job opportunities

Recruiting overseas sales staff positions.

  • 2023-10-27
  • info@rugtel.com (Send your resume to the mailbox)

Requirements are as follows 

  1. Will operate the e-commerce website independently.

  2. Good English speaking, reading and writing skills. (German, Polish and Spanish are bonus points)

  3. Love international trade work, good sales quality, market acumen, business negotiation and customer relationship management capabilities.

  4. Have certain experience in international trade and be able to accept overseas business trips.

Recruiting energy storage project manager

  • 2023-10-27
  • info@rugtel.com (Send your resume to the mailbox)


  1. Responsible for pre-sales technical support for energy storage lithium battery solutions, follow up to understand customer project needs, and assist with sales.

  2. Provide customers and team members with professional, reliable and fast information

  3. Responsible for the testing, certification and business development of power electronic products, such as energy storage batteries, energy storage systems, inverters, UPS, electric vehicle charging equipment, converters, etc.

  4. Prepare project technical documents and evaluate test results in accordance with relevant standards and regulations.

  5. Have basic English oral communication and writing skills.