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About Rugtel Balcony Energy Storage System

Daytime: During the daytime, the energy generated from solar panels flows through PV Hub and will be converted into alternating current by micro-inverters to run your home appliances. Any excess energy is intelligently stored in batteries for use at night, allowing you to save up to 32% on your annual electricity bills. Intelligent Flow Control ensures that daytime excess energy is efficiently stored, and the PV Hub (with an adjustable range of 100W to 1200W) feeds a default 600W/800W to micro inverter, fully satisfying the electricity demand during peak hours.

Nighttime: At night, the excess energy stored in the batteries  continues to power most of your home appliances: from high-wattage household items like air conditioners, refrigerators to low-wattage appliances such as Wi-Fi routers, lights, laptops and more.


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